Pressure Points in Martial Arts

In martial arts, there are pressure points in the body that fighters can use to inflict pain, unconsciousness or even death. Fighters do not focus on using their strength to win a match, but on placing strikes on important parts of the body to overcome their opponents. Learning how to use these pressure points takes a lot of practice and knowledge. It is important for fighters to know the pressure points that could be fatal when hit because the object of the sport is not to kill one’s opponent.

Inflecting Pain

In addition to knowing which pressure points to hit to cause pain, it is important to know how the body will react when hit in this area. This enables one to know the next blow to deliver. The collar bone is one pain pressure point that when hit causes the body to move downwards. Hitting the opponent between the ear and the neck will cause the body to move upwards. Hits to the abdomen area cause a sideways movement.. The edges of bones are pressure points that cause pain as well.

Knockout Points

Knocking one’s opponent out guarantees victory in a match. Some of the pressure points in the body that will cause a person to pass out when hit are:

Other pressure points to consider in martial arts are those that cause the opponent to have difficulty breathing. This will cause the person to have to stop to take a break and you can move in with a knockout punch. Often the referee will step in and allow some time for the opponent to recover, but even so, it does mean that you have scored a point. The body has a natural instinct to move away from the source of pain, which it will do when hit on one of the pressure points.